What makes FPGA Essential for the Industrial Sectors

This is an age of automation. Those days are long gone, where every single industrial and manufacturing activity had to carried out manually; which proved to be very time consuming and at the same time, added to the cost of production. With automation in place; the efficiency has increased by a great extent and at the same time, the cost of production has also been curtailed down considerably. Automation in the industrial sector was first introduced in Britain, where the textile and cotton mills started manufacturing products at an unprecedented scale. That was just the beginning! Ever since, more advanced and sophisticated technology has evolved, which have proven to be absolutely essential when it comes to manufacturing goods and products with pin point perfection and at the same time, making sure that it could be achieved in the shortest possible time.

One such innovation is FPGA; it is a mechanism which can be reprogrammed in order to fit into different types of applications. Over the years; Turnkey Solutions has been one of the most reputed names in offering different types of FPGA applications.

What make FPGA Special?

There are certain features of FPGA which have made it a very special tool or mechanism. Here is a brief insight into some of them

  • With FPGA, there is no need for any coding or scripting. Fast and quick test can be carried out with an optimum level of accuracy.
  • It makes the process of test automation more accessible, and it comes with auto-maintained and auto-generated components.
  • It helps to streamline the process of test creation and offer deeper and broader test coverage.
  • It has proven to be very useful when it comes to improving the quality of service levels. It also helps to minimize the rate of manual errors.
  • Mitigation of business risk, across the entire organization has also been made easier with the help of this technology.
  • The burden of application testing has been reduced to a great extent, as the need for technical expertise could be eliminated considerably.
  • The maintenance cost could be slashed by 80%; which has resulted in reduction of production cost by a great extent.

Apart from these, there are various other factors which make FPGA one of the most advanced and sophisticated mechanisms when it comes to automation.

FPGA Application

As far as its application is concerned; FPGA is used in different industrial sectors. Some of them are

  • Processing of digital signal
  • Bioinfomatics
  • Device Controllers
  • Generating random logic
  • In making of software defined radios.
  • In medical imaging
  • In the process of AISC prototyping
  • Emulation of computer hardware
  • Voice recognition.

Apart from these, when it comes to the applications of FPGA; it covers a  huge scope. With so many automated features and ability to curtail the cost of production; FPGA has proven to be as one of the most advanced and sophisticated mechanisms to be used at the industrial sector. New and more advanced versions of this system is coming up in the years to come