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To create an organization chart you need a clear picture of all departments and employees. The HR department is often responsible for creating and updating the organization chart, but it is not always easy. We therefore recommend starting with a blank paper and pen. Record all departments and write below the managers or employees who are responsible for the department. Working down from the top positions makes it easier to determine the internal hierarchy.

  • The most frequently used data that is included in an organization chart is: the first and last name of the employee, the position and the department this person belongs to. Depending on the company structure, it will be fairly easy to recognize the hierarchy and make a functional organization chart of your company.
  • If you have identified all departments and managers of the company, you can start adding employees. Work from higher positions to lower positions. This task will take some time and you may need to check the hierarchy multiple times.

Did you know that with the Factorial HR software you can automatically create an organization chart of your company within a few seconds? The use of the road maps is there now.

Use these examples for your own organization chart

A horizontal layout can easily visualize the flowchart of your company. This is an example of a horizontal organization chart.

Horizontal organization chart Factorial

Depending on the size of the company and the layout in which you want to make the organization chart, it may be easier to work with a vertical organization chart. Here is an example.

Vertical organization chart Factorial

Organization Chart For Large Companies

As your business grows, an organization chart can become complicated. In this image you can see how the organization charts of companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Oracle are structured.

Organization chart large companies Factorial

A Software that generates your organization chart within a few seconds. If you no longer want to waste time on templates that age as soon as a change occurs in the team, you can use a software that does the work for you. Factorial generates your organization chart within seconds.

Factorial is a Human Resource software for small and medium-sized companies with 2 to 500 employees. We offer tools to optimize personnel management. With features such as: leave and absence registration, document management, reports and time registration.

When you use Factorial, an organization chart of your company is automatically created. We will update these when an employee joins or leaves the company.

Organogram manager Factorial

Keep in mind that depending on the hierarchy and the number of employees within your company, the organization chart may look different. With this graphical representation, you can view the operation of different departments in detail . In addition, it becomes easier to identify conflict points and assess which employees do not fit into the structure. When an employee leaves the company in a higher position, you can easily assign another employee.

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If you want to create the organization chart of your company in Powerpoint, you can download this free template. Make changes yourself and add as many employees as you want.