Reasons Why Security Breaches Happen so commonly

If you take a look at the past, you will note that with the advancement in technology, security breaches have become common too. With the rapid development in time, systems are becoming more prone to security breaches. The past few years have, however, seen very risky security breaches to occur.

The risk of a security breach is very high for businesses. No matter what, one company can never compromise with the sensitive information of its clients. This, however, is precisely what hackers do, get access to confidential information, and then use it against them. The customer will suffer financial loss, but the business will suffer faith and reputation loss.

To prevent the risk of security breaches, businesses need to understand why they are happening. The fraudulent activities harming the customers can lead to the entire downfall of the business. Some of the common causes why security breaches have been happening at a massive scale include the following

Human Error

Human error has to be one of the common risks of security breaches. Official reports have shown the negative impact of how one common human error can lead to the entire download. The error doesn’t necessarily have to be big, but one small error, too, can lead to big blunders.

  • Some of the common causes of human errors have been
  • Using weak passwords
  • Sharing sensitive information with the wrong clients
  • Sharing passwords
  • Falling into the trap of phishing scams


Malware doesn’t only affect your personal computer but the company’s systems as well. Reports from trustable sources suggest that every second 5 malware event happens. You may feel that malware initially is a minor thing, but then it can be harmful if not taken care of properly.

Every malware event that happens is different from each other. The hackers, however, are responsible for making changes into the malware programs so that it goes unrecognizable every time it makes an impact.

Existing risk of security vulnerability

Over the years, information security specialists have been looking for ways through which the hackers hack the companies. This, however, has paved the way for many security vulnerabilities. Often certain information and security vulnerabilities aren’t fixed for a long time. Not fixing these can pave the way for the hackers to easily break into your company’s system and gather all the sensitive information.

The security breaches are very hard to detect, as one cannot really predict when it happens. You should remove all the aspects that will increase the risk of threats.

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