Why Is Samsung The Preferred Manufacturer Of Android Users

Samsung is probably the smartphone maker that is both the most adulated and the most hated of the entire Android universe. Like it or not, it is by far the most talked-about, and despite its horde of haters, the Korean manufacturer remains the most popular smartphone. According to you, where does this craze for Samsung come from? Why Huawei, LG and other manufacturers do not attract as much attention as him? We explain everything.

A Very Wide Market

Samsung smartphones are aimed at all users. They have entry-level, mid-range and high-end devices. For example the Galaxy M20 Of course, they are not the only manufacturers to do this, but if we put things in a historical context, this makes sense.

Great Interest In Marketing

Samsung spends a huge budget marketing to extol the merits of its products. Whether on the internet or in town, Korean is everywhere. Of course, it annoys some people to see Samsung’s ads daily, especially if they do not like their products, but when they talk about them, they indirectly advertise them as well.

An Adaptation To The Users

If this point is true as a whole, it is debatable on a case by case basis. In general, Samsung (as well as most other manufacturers) listens to what its users are saying and tries to improve its deficiencies with the new versions of its devices. For example, all the problems of the Galaxy S6 have been fixed with the Galaxy S7; I think, for example, the lens of the camera that far exceeded or the location for microSD card.

In our world, we find everything and its opposite. Some people may have had only Samsung smartphones and, by disappointment or a simple desire for change to Xiaomi Mi A3. Other people feel that we should not fall asleep by the marketing budget and always keep an eye on the competition, we all have different expectations and a competitor may offer some something more interesting.

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