What Is IoT Core?

The IoT devices have overwhelmingly come into our lives. It is rare today to find an object that does not allow you to connect to the Internet. They come to make life easier if it fits the user, allowing control and management of remotely and in real-time from virtually any object.

Definition Of Internet Of Things

Before entering fully with the devices, we must offer a more concrete concept about the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things responds to the interconnection of objects or devices to the Internet. So far, everything is clear. Likewise, the objective pursued by this technological advance is, as we previously pointed out, both to improve the quality of life of users and to offer greater security. Hope it answers the question of what is IoT core?

What Are IoT Devices?

At this point, it must be said that at this time, you do not have to throw a lot of imagination. It is now possible to control entire houses from your smartphone. A company developed a project that allowed you to turn on and off the lighting in your house through Google Home and Alexa.

Another integration that we carried out was to control the temperature in your house or raise and lower the blinds. This connection of IoT devices turned out to be a perfect combination of efficiency, connectivity, and new technologies with areas as every day as security, savings, or entertainment.

You can also think of more specific use cases. Let’s imagine that the refrigerator alerts you if it has lost temperature, if we are short of any product, or if something is failing in its system. Of course, there are millions of possible scenarios in this field that we have yet to discover.

IoT Applications

The applications of the Internet of Things refer to the following fields:

  • Smart City: in this case, the devices and sensors installed throughout the city will make it possible to offer data and information as diverse and valuable for the citizen or the city government as traffic management, park maintenance or lighting, noise levels, pollution, or crime, among others.
  • Industrial IoT (IIoT): the IoT, in this sense, also provides a global and unified vision of companies and businesses. Some of them are forecasting failures through data analytics, managing assets in the warehouse, or traceability concerning an order carried out by a customer.
  • Smart Port: Smart and connected ports have also seen the benefits of the IoT and joined its initiatives. The integration between city and port is being developed to provide added value and improve the efficiency of logistics processes.
  • Smart Home: Finally, as we have previously added, Smart Homes or intelligent homes offer unique experiences within our own homes. All thanks to the connection of IoT devices.

Regarding communications, we live in a time in which the networks we use require greater bandwidth, both at a personal and professional level. Much more audiovisual content is consumed, more information is transferred and downloaded, more facilities are controlled remotely, etc. check smart house automation

Instead, new networks geared towards IoT technology are emerging, such as Narrowband. A network that is becoming an industry standard and that improves coverage in indoor and outdoor areas. The devices that use this network are designed so that, despite their small size, their batteries can last for more than ten years. Furthermore, the cost of this equipment is ordinarily low.

There is no doubt that the cloud has changed our lives. The possibility of connecting many computer servers worldwide through the same network has made possible innovations without which we could no longer live: Internet, email, video or music streaming, applications online, or social media. Instead of being satisfied with only accessing the files and data stored on our personal computer, thanks to the cloud, we can access all the information available on the network from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

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