What is High Key Studio Lighting and How It Works?

Using backdrop of while and with the help of some white foam, you can easily set up high light. The white foams are used in several configurations, for more versatility using white foam from one side and black from the other side is preferred. But there are times when you will also need white foams at both sides for bouncing light.

Using V-Flats for High Key Lighting

You can put two lights off-camera and aim them to the background to develop a high key lighting setup. There are some advantages when you use V-flats. The first reason is to avoid a flare of light that are coming back to the camera. The light will go exactly where you want it to go.

The various other factor is to develop that soft location of the light in between the panels. Although the background is also bright as well as harsh, it shows light onto those V-flats and produces another source of light that can wrap around your topic. If you wish to decrease the light from one side, use foam board that’s black on one side and white on the other. Simply turn the V-flat around to make the sidelight seem even more directional.

Creating a Shape Illumination Setup

Without including another light, you can utilize the configuration for shapes. Simply bring your subject before the V-flats to eliminate several of the light. You are going to end up with a soft wraparound backlight.

Including a Secret Light

All we’ve truly done so much is to produce a high crucial background. You can do some good things with the background in this setup utilizing gels to add shade or a cucoloris to cast a pattern on your background. Nonetheless, you still need to place a vital light on your subject. The idea is to make a distinction in between your background lights as well as your essential light.

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