Types of IPTV services available 

There is television content that you can exclusively get on the internet through IPTV providers. It is content that is connected to what is aired on television through satellite or cable providers but with just a few changes. 

The IPTV providersbring the same content that is viewed on your traditional television but now,  you can as well view it on your PC, smartphone, tablet, and television as well but through a format of streaming media. 

The IPTV notion is not limited to television content.  The IPTV model of video on demand model allows users to subscribe to a variety of streaming services and get content, which is then pre-added to the directory of the platform.  There is another format of time shifted that allows viewers to be able to record content. There are also live television and other types. 

If your television model is an older type, you will be required to utilize a set top box or a streaming device. If your television is the type that can connect to Wi-Fi, then it means that it is IPTV compatible. 

With the basics regarding the IPTV, you should then know the services that the IPTV providerscan provide and the category in which they fall. 

Types of IPTV services

The popular IPTV services include the following:

Video on demand

Video on demand is an IPTV service or format. The term is self-explanatory. The streaming services for videos that are currently prevalent in the market, like the ones offered by Netflix, are video on demand. Examples of video on demand include Disney, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. The services follow a subscriber-based model and are some of the IPTV services that are widely recognized.

Live television

Watching sports and television programs that happen in real-time are what is on live television. Programs such as award programs like the Golden Globes and Academy Awards, reality TV shows, and sports games, as well as telecasts, usually are broadcasted in real-time. 

You might imagine that you already have live television on your traditional television set, but the live tv that happens on IPTV tends to be different. All the content is via the internet and not over a coaxial cable. It is an excellent way of watching games from your favorite football team as well as award shows. 

Time-shifted television

It is all about rewinding. When you miss a live show as a live sports event, the best case scenario you would wish for is to get it replayed. With time-shifted television, you can do so, but the problem is, it has a limited span of life. While it sounds similar to video on demand, but you can view the content from wherever you want. The video-on-demand doesn’t have a life span unless the content is removed from the directory of the IPTV providers. 

TV on demand

With some pay services like Netflix, when you pay a monthly subscription fee, you get access to the entire content. That is not the case with the TV on demand.  It is an IPTV service that allows you to subscribe to each TV show or movie individually.

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