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The area of Midland Conway is known as the “Gateway to the Ozarks”. It has a long, exciting history of being a self-sufficient farming community with a strong sense of community. And now it’s filled with modern homes and apartments for sale in Midland Conway, SC. Take a look at some of our homes for sale in this area and let the details speak for themselves. You might find the perfect home in your price range here!


Homes for Sale in Midland Conway


The homes listed below are currently for sale in Midland Conway. The listing information is provided by Real Estatecompany, not by anyReal Estate Agents. This list includes former listings and new homes that have come on the market in the last few months.


Where to Buy a Home in Midland Conway


The best place to buy a home in Midland Conway is from a private party. This is where you and your buying party are exclusively responsible for yourselves, including your hotel rooms, meals, and any travel related expenses. You can search for homes to buy online, but remember, most of these homes are available to view and offer little protection if something unexpected comes up. A private party is the best way to buy a home in Midland Conway.


Real Estate in Midland Conway


The best way to buy a home in Midland Conway is through a direct deal with the seller. This is the most secure way to buy a home as the person selling it oversees all aspects of the transaction. You can expect longer closing processes, as well as a higher price tag, but this is one of the most hands-off buying experiences you can have.


What is the Average List Price for a Home in Midland Conway?


The average list price for a home in Midland Conway is $446,957, according to Zillow. That’s right around the median price of homes in the region. The average home price in this region is up 9.6% year-over-year, which is a strong sign that the real estate market is stable. This is good news for homebuyers looking to get into the market and decide if they can afford a home in a particular neighborhood. The local home price index is a good gauge of home affordability.


More Homes for Sale in Midland Conway, South Carolina


Looking for more homes for sale in Midland Conway? Here are a few more: The High Shoals neighborhood is nestled at the base of Sugar Mountain and is home to several great hiking and bicycling trails. The West Fork neighborhood is located along the west bank of the Saluda River and is perfect for water sports and bike riding. 


The Wakulla Springs neighborhood is located on the west side of the city and features cobalt blue pools and canyons to explore. The Shiloh neighborhood is located near the center of town and is known for its beautiful churches and parks. The South Carolina Corporate Research Bureau has data on corporate real estate transactions in the State, including property sales and leases, corporate stock buybacks, and mergers and acquisitions.

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