Mamba battery-powered electric grinder review

When I set out to find a consistent, quality high-quality grind for my herbs and teas, I tried just about every grinder on the market. I’ve tried manual grinders, electric, and battery-only grinders that all left me unsatisfied, whether because of their storage, battery life, quality, or design flaws. Inconsistent grinding, poor quality parts, jamming, or other failures kept me looking for a better grinder. I knew someone would eventually make the perfect grinder! The Mamba grinder caught my attention for its one-handed operation, precise engineering, long battery life, and easy dispensing through the cone. I am so glad that I was able to get my hands on a Mamba grinder and pass on my findings. It truly is a game-changer in the grinding world.


They say: “consistency is key” and they are absolutely right. I have struggled with a rough, uneven grind for years, and the Mamba battery-powered electric grinder produces a quality grind every time. I tried everything I could to jam it, but to no avail. Other electric grinders that I have tried in the past get sticky and jam quickly and require constant cleaning. The grinding components in the Mamba battery-powered grinder are made from Aircraft-grade aluminum and engineered by passionate professionals, and the quality comes through to the user. The Mamba grinder has been very precisely designed to be a high-quality, efficient machine, and you can definitely tell. It also has a great one-handed design, which is convenient for frequent use, or use by differing abilities in their hands/arms. It even has a super accurate tip for precision dispersing of the freshly-ground herb, so you never have to worry about spilling your herbs, teas, or spices on the floor, in the sink, or on your lap ever again.

Technical features

The Mamba battery-powered grinder has a lithium ion battery, and it lasts for ages. The Mamba grinder is so easy to use; in a world of increasingly complicated and non-user-friendly technology, the streamlined and intuitive design made the whole process simple. Start by laying the grinder on a flat surface with the cone up and unscrew the grinding plates. Simply place your herbs into the grinder, replace the top, and hold it upright. The Mamba grinder has the capacity to grind both forward and in reverse to get the ideal grind for your tastes or needs. Being able to control for the right grind is essential to get the most accurate aromas and potency of your herbs. The cone-nozzle on the Mamba electric grinder allows you to quickly get your freshly ground herb wherever you need it. I prefer the Mamba over other electric grinders for many reasons, but especially when it comes to cleanliness. My skin and clothes stay clean, and I do not run the risk of accidentally opening my grinder and spilling freshly ground herbs on the floor.

To recap

I highly recommend this herb grinder for anyone who needs a fast, precise, clean, and easy grind. The Mamba grinder comes in several colours to suit your tastes – including hot pink! It looks nice enough to leave on your counter, which is something I definitely cannot say about the tacky manual grinder I had before! The consistency of the grind produced by the Mamba grinder is perfectly fluffy and smooth. My experiences with herbs ground in the Mamba electric grinder was much more potent than grinders I’ve used before. I use less of my products and save money!