How to Get Tech Support

Every business should have great service no matter the size or revenue. In other words, you want to be your customer’s hero when they face challenges. Giving customers advice is great but so is offering technical support when the need arises. 

Most companies don’t do well in tackling the technical support side especially the customer service department. With any technology, a lot of issues are usually encountered that need specialized touch and understanding. Here are the ways one can offer technical support tips

Identify the Problem

The first thing is to identify the problem the customer is facing. Some problems will be easy to solve while others will be challenging. They are problems that have quick fixes and won’t take lots of your time to solve while some will need complex solutions that you will lack an immediate solution. Sometimes complex problems are simple to solve. Before you jump into the solution make sure you first know and understand the problem. If you can’t take time to figure out what the problem or cause is, trust me, you are creating a lot of problems and you won’t help the customer. Knowing the problem will help you understand the right steps you need to troubleshoot and fix. For instance, when a person can’t log in, there’s no need to reboot the servers when they have forgotten the passwords.

Know the customer’s understanding of technology

Let’s face it. We have different clients. Some are tech-savvy while others not. The first thing you need to know is understanding the customer’s level of technology before you offer any tech support. That way, you will know how you are going to speak to them in a language they understand the best. For instance, you will have circumstances where a customer who doesn’t have a great grasp of knowledge finds it challenging to fix simple things. That said, you will need to guide them. If you have a tech-savvy customer, you will be less descriptive because you only need to ensure they follow a few steps. If you need IT support Wrexham, you can contact our specialists today.

Understand the impact

Whether the customer has simple or complex issues, it always affects them. For clients, trivial issues can hurt them. It may interfere with their productivity or spoil their day. So when they decide to call the tech support, all they need is empathy and someone who can help them. A customer won’t care about the complexity of the problem, so if you brush off the problem, it’s like you are selling them to the next competitor.

Bear in mind that if it is simple for you, it’s a headache for them. Whether it is easier to fix or not, the problem has an impact on the customer and that’s why they are calling you. That said, make sure you treat every problem with earnest and attentiveness.

Never use jargon

When talking to customers simplicity is the key whether you are a tech-savvy or not. Using a layman’s language should be your goal. The jargon is a big enemy to a customer. Even tech-savvy customers get lost if you use a lot of technical terms. Using jargon may sound impressive to you but does not reflect how genuine you are helping them. If you talk in a layman’s term it shows you understand the problem and know the solution. Never make your customer feel stupid or ignorant. If they have challenges calm them down and explain everything to them in a simple manner.