Combine Online Traffic Acquisition, Customer Retention, and Analytics to Maximize Results

Traffic Acquisition through Business Website

Running an online store in Hong Kong could be difficult and requires a lot of commitment. Often the harder aspects include getting the target audience to your ecommerce website. One way to get visitors (or potential customers) to your site is to build up the search engine organic traffic from Google and Yahoo. For this the store owners may struggle. One of the best options is to get proper professional consultation from a Hong Kong SEO company who is more than capable to draw up a full schedule of the possible search engine optimization (SEO) project for the website.

Customer Retention with Store Credits

Another aspect for many Hong Kong ecommerce stores is the difficulty to retain loyal customers. This may mean having the ability and possibility to come up with smart ideas which can help selling the products faster is important. No strategies can work well all the time for any specific ecommerce website. But an often effective approach is when offering store credits (which may be in the form of coupon codes. The reason that store credits is a popular approach is that it can improve flexibility for both Hong Kong store owners and HK locally based customers.

Your site should allow your customers to purchase store credits as opposed to buying products. They are then allowed to use their purchased credits to buy products from your store. Buyers can either use the credits for themselves or send the credits to others as gift. This is an effective approach to convert your store visitors into buyers. In practical use, store credit can be used in cases including:

  • Your ecommerce site can offer store credit for customers to compensate for any issue they have experienced when using your website.
  • Your website can launch a promotion at certain times of a year to improve sales numbers.
  • You brand can build loyalty and retain customers for your online store.
  • When an item that the customer has bought is non-refundable, you can give out store credits as an exchange.
  • You can set up payments for customers at later dates or on increments.

Combine with Proper Web Analytics

Your business needs to combine the traffic acquisition and customer retention efforts with proper web analytics setup and reporting. One of the first tools is to install Google Analytics (GA). With GA, you should setup to track the full customer journey, and use the data reports to optimize your digital marketing campaigns. Basically, it is about extracting valuable insights on the customer journey (through your website), analyzing the behaviour of the audience with acquisition and behaviour reports. This will then help the Hong Kong business owner to make informed marketing decisions. The analytics setup would involve:

  • Analyzing inbound traffic data such as data segments and trends that matter most
  • Measuring the key business metrics
  • Developing a digital marketing funnel
  • Analyzing audience of the website 
  • Analyzing the multi-channel funnel reports, attribution modelling and ecommerce data


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