Best Spy Apps of 2021 to Track Instagram: Android and iPhone Support

Do you ever find yourself wondering if your partner or spouse is completely truthful with you? Or are you skeptical about your child’s social media usage? A spy app may be a good choice for you. The word ‘spy’ has a negative connotation, but it can actually be an effective way to ensure that you’re not being deceived, among other purposes. Keep reading to learn about the best spy apps for Instagram tracking in 2021.

Why you need to use spy apps to track your Instagram data

No one wants to feel like they’re being lied to or worry about what someone they’re close to is doing on social media. However, reality sometimes throws us for a loop and presents us with unfavorable situations. It’s better to assuage your worries quickly than to go on not knowing and having your speculations gnaw at you.

Whether you want to confirm your suspicions about an unfaithful partner or ensure your child’s online safety, that’s where spy apps come into play. Spy apps allow you to log in and access anyone’s Instagram remotely so that you can monitor everything on their account, including their direct messages, likes and comments, archived content, and more.

If you’re looking to Instagram spy on someone, you’re in luck because there are various options. The sheer amount of spy apps out there demonstrates their popularity. Not to mention, they’re convenient and easy to use.

What phones can Spy Apps be installed on?

Spy apps are compatible with a number of devices, most notably iPhones and Androids. Don’t have the latest device? Not to worry, spy apps can be installed on many different models, such as Android 3-11, Google Pixel, Samsung, HTC, iPhone 5-12, iPads, and more. Check out for more specific information and other resources related to phone security, spyware, and other useful tech-related content.

Installing a spy app is fast and simple. You gain access to your target Instagram account immediately and can unlock tons of features that give you insight into the account owner’s activity. So which spy apps are the best? We’ve tested a number of different spy apps, so you don’t have to. Below, we’ll tell you exactly what spy apps we recommend for tracking Instagram data.

What apps can I use to track my Instagram data?

Of the many Instagram spy apps we’ve tested, we highly recommend these three:


This spy app is compatible with both Android and iPhone. PhoneSpector is relatively new compared to other spy apps; however, it offers numerous features that other spy apps don’t. It’s continually updated, meaning that you’ll gain access to even more information the longer you use the app.

Highster Mobile

This spy app is optimized for the iPhone, including the latest iPhone 11 series. Highster Mobile makes Instagram spying a breeze because all you need to remotely monitor someone’s account is their Apple ID and phone password.

Auto Forward

If you’re using an Android smartphone, Auto Forward is the ideal spy app for you. The best thing about this spy app is that you get free lifetime upgrades, meaning that the app will evolve to match the operating software of the target phone.


No matter your reason for downloading a spy app, you’re on your way to better peace of mind. No more guessing or worrying. Spy apps make it easy and quick to uncover anyone’s Instagram activity. You don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of spyware or technology to reap the benefits of spy apps. With the click of a button, you can see their direct messages, archived posts, likes, comments, and more. Now that you’re familiar with the different apps and their purposes, go forward and spy responsibly!