6 fundamental keys to integrate new technologies in the classroom

Internet is a tool present in our day to day activities. The children live with it, both at home and at school. We must also not forget that technology, Internet, can be dangerous and risky for children if we don’t take great care. But, we must choose the best part. For example, With Internet it is easy to get access to your personal phone number. Now you cannot stop that number to call you. But, you can use Checkthem.com software where you can get all the information of the caller. It will be easier for you to take actions.

6 fundamental ways

Technology is everywhere and part of our culture begins to integrate but it is still not difficult to find the technologies in the classroom. It affects us in our daily life, in games, at work, and of course, in the way of teaching and learning.

  1. Teacher training and involvement is basic for education. Teachers must understand well what the objectives are and break the routines they have been teaching for years. Accept that they lose the security of books, and face that students may have knowledge that they themselves do not have.
  2. Adapt to the centre of efficient structures for the proper use of technologies. It is difficult to have a qualified staff that can manage the entire infrastructure of the centre exclusively. So it is advisable to delegate this responsibility to companies specialized in the education sector.
  3. Breaking the safety of books should be replaced by a clear methodology, where children do not feel lost and where parents can have an orientation of the objectives and work path. The main ones are Google and Microsoft, although Apple also has a program to integrate the tablets in the classroom although it is normally being used to replace physical books with digital books.
  4. The contents must also be clear and it is a mistake to replace the contents of the books, which have been structured and oriented to achieve pedagogical objectives adapted for each age, with pdfs normally obtained from the Internet and whose quality often shines by their absence.
  5. Working with the hands is fundamental in the evolutionary development at any age. And we get the student to participate in an active way and experiment with constructions and activities specially designed to develop skills and competencies.
  6. The progression of technologies in the classroom and the implications they have in all areas of life, has caused a concern in governments to train future citizens in this field.

The use of technology in education

The new generations require different educational environments that are assimilated to the present and especially to the future. But it does not consist in providing them with more technology but in getting them to be critical thinkers. There are publishers that offer educational content, there are alternatives and companies, very committed to the integration of new technologies in the classroom of an efficient and responsible way.

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