Want to merge PDF files? Know the best way to merge multiple files into one!

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If you are professional then you might be busy all day in files, documents, email attachments and documents. There are many types of works that a student or a professional need to do with documents and files. For instance, you got multiple files which includes spreadsheets, emails and documents from everyone and you need to combine them into a single PDF file, and don’t know how to do this then you have come to right place. You can organize multiple PDF files into a one single file which is easy to read and share. Now you might be confused about what PDF file is and how to move multiple pdf files into one?

PDF files are the portable document format files that are saved with .pdf extension. These files can be easily shared and printed which makes it more popular to use. There are multiple ways of combining more than one PDF files into one file. You can merge them by using any free PDF merger online or can make use of any free app on Windows or Mac. Let us now know the steps of merging the files from online way of uploading:

Online way of merging PDF files:

  1. You can search for any free PDF online tool that allows you to combine multiple PDF files. Once such online tool is PDF Joiner and to open it in web browser visit one the official website of PDFsimpli.
  2. You will get an option of upload files in the middle of the webpage. Click on upload files and it will open the file explorer in Windows. You can click on any folder then PDF need to be saved to.
  3. Open the location of PDF by clicking on the folder in which the PDF are stored. 
  4. Select all the PDF files that you want to merge. To select different files you need to press and hold control button on Windows and Command button on Mac. Then click on combine PDF files.
  5. The best thing about this online tool is that you can connect up to 20 PDF files into one file. 
  6. After selecting files, click on open button located at the right corner of the window. Open button will start to upload your PDF files to online tool. You can get idea of this if you see thumbnail images of your PDFs. 
  7. A teal button is available that will ask you to upload any of the additional PDFs.
  8. Let wait for few minutes to finish uploading of files. 
  9. If you have not arranged the files and want to change the order of the files, click and drag the thumbnail images of PDF files to rearrange the PDF files. 

The PDF files are popularly used as the compress high-quality files to a small size file which is quite useful. You can learn how to combine more than one multiple files into one by following the points mentioned above.

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