PUBG – Get Quick Chicken Dinner!

Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner! Well, it is the aim of every PUBG player to survive longer in the matches in order to win the title of the Chicken Dinner, but this is really complicated task because there are lots of players who are best in this game. However, the question is that how we can easily grab the currencies in the game. Basically, there are three different kinds of currencies of the game such as BP and other is the UC cash. We will gain information about these currencies in this article. Instead of this, if you think you are not doing well in the game then don’t worry and just rely on the Pubg cheats that is really worthy. 

Currencies of the game 

There are three different kinds of currencies of the game that comes with various kinds benefits. Let me explain both currencies in the upcoming paragraphs. 

  • BP – BP stands for battle points, which are counted in the most useful currencies of the game. Well, you can easily get this currency very easily in the game. It is useful at the time of buying the solider crates that mostly include the common items. However, after selling all those extra items you can easily get the silver points. Pubg cheats is the most effective and valuable currency for the players those can be used at the time of playing on TDM. 
  • Silver – If we talk about the secondary currency then the name of silver points comes on apex. Basically, it is useful at the time of buying the premium and other useful coupons that can help the players to create a crate. It would be really valuable for the players so be the best player and start taking its advantages. 
  • UC – UC also considered as the Unknown Cash is really useful currency of the game. It is counted in the premium currency. When it comes to use the UC cash then it is really valuable for the players. Once you start working on the collection of the UC then it really complicated for them. It is quite impossible to obtain the UC without buying the Royale pass in the game. In short, you need to spend the money for buying the pass. 

Finally, we have mentioned all the great aspects related to the game and its currencies so be ready to play the game perfectly. Not only this, you can easily start playing the classic matches with the other squad members that will gives you best outcomes. 


This is really important for the players in every match. Therefore, if you find that your assault rifle is start taking the reloading then simply use the pistol so along with the use of this great thing you can do whatever you want. Nevertheless, Pubg cheats will support the players to become the best player so be ready to take its advantages. Don’t forget to use the magazine in order to have more and perfect shooting skills.