Know If VPS WordPress Hosting Is Right for Your Website

Most websites nowadays are built on WordPress due to plenty of features it offers. Simplicity, flexibility, easy publishing, user management, plugins and the list of features WordPress features goes on. However, having a feature-rich WordPress website is not enough; you also need to choose the right hosting services for the success of your business. 

When it comes to choosing the right hosting type for your business, there come a number of questions in your mind. And the first question is about the type of WordPress hosting you need to choose. Shared hosting works great for the beginners as it lets you keep your website running without incurring many expenses, however, if you already have shared hosting and your websites need more than what the shared hosting plan is offering, you have the following choices:

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

Though all these types have their own pros and cons, here we are going to mention the ones for VPS hosting. These details will let you decide if VPS WordPress hosting is the hosting type you should choose for your website or not. 

Pros of VPS WordPress Hosting

  • Enhanced speed and better performance

Slow-loading websites not only ruin the user experience but also result in lower search engine rankings. However, slow speed does not remain an issue when you choose VPS hosting for your WordPress website. 

With VPS hosting, you will have the resources completely reserved for your site. So, your website’s growing traffic and increasing needs will be easily tackled. This will eliminate or reduce the chances of your website to go slow. Also, VPS hosting allows you to upgrade server resources according to the changing needs of your website. 

  • Boosts website security

VPS hosting allows you to keep your website secure. When you choose VPS hosting, each account uses software- hypervisor. This software prevents the leaking and crossover of resources between two websites. And when there is no interference of different websites in resources, an extra layer of protection is added. Even you can put additional security protocols to increase the security level further.

  • Cost-effective

Though VPS WordPress hosting may look expensive, especially when you’re switching from shared hosting to VPS hosting, the price is justifiable for the features it provides. Neither you need to share resources with other sites, nor you need to share the server. This reduces the bad neighbour effect and results in faster loading and enhanced performance. Thus, you get the full value for your money no matter which plan you choose. 

  • Customization and control

Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting does not require you to stay limited by the initial configuration options. You can customize the configuration according to your changing needs wherever required. For instance, if you need more resources, you can easily upgrade your plan according to your needs. 

There are also the hosts who provide managed services with VPS hosting plans. So, you can stay assured that the technical tasks of your website are being handled by the professionals. 

Cons of VPS WordPress Hosting

The only negative factor of VPS hosting is the possibility of improper resource allocation. Resources in VPS hosting are allocated according to the allocation technologies; so, there can be scenarios when these technologies don’t work properly and affect the speed and performance of your website. 

The good thing is that this issue can be avoided by seeking hosting services from a reputed and trusted hosting provider as they will make sure that resources are properly allocated. 

Final Thoughts

It is clear that VPS works great for the websites that outgrow the needs which cannot be met by the shared hosting plan. In order to ensure that your website works as desired, without any issues, you should always choose your hosting provider carefully. 

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