Ubuntu: Merge PDFs – that’s how it works

On Ubuntu, there are several ways to merge PDFs. This is not possible with normal PDF readers. You therefore have to resort to a special program. In this practical tip we will introduce you to the options you have.

Ubuntu: Merge PDFs with GUI

There are various programs with a graphical user interface (GUI) to combine PDFs. You can find a clear list of different programs at Ubuntuusers. The handling of the PDF Mod program will now be described in more detail.

To install, go to the Ubuntu Software Store and search for “PDF Mod”. Alternatively, open the terminal and enter sudo apt-get install pdfmod.

Start the newly installed program and click in the program on the folder on the far left in the toolbar: “Open a document” and select the first PDF document.

Then click on the plus in the toolbar and select the second document.

Add as many other documents as you want using the plus button.

Then save the new document using the second button from the left.

You can merge PDFs on Ubuntu with the PDF Mod tool.

Merge PDFs under Ubuntu in the terminal

Another approach to merging PDFs on Ubuntu is from the command line.

To do this, install the program pdfunite with the command sudo apt-get install pdfunite

Then switch to the directory with your PDFs. To do this, enter the following command in the terminal: cd / path / to / your / directory

Assuming you now want to merge the two PDFs “A.pdf” and “B.pdf” into the file “AB.pdf”, do the following: pdfunite A.pdf B.pdf AB.pdf

You will find the newly created “AB.pdf” file in the same directory as the other two files.

Merge PDFs on Ubuntu online

Alternatively, you can do without additional software and merge PDF files online. We have provided an online tool for this in cooperation with AnyPDF.

Here you can upload the desired PDF documents using the “Select file” button on the left-hand side and then adjust the order.

Click “Merge” to complete the process.

A window now opens in which you can download the merged PDF directly.

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