Shrink PDF – It’s that easy

How can you reduce the size of a PDF file without losing quality? This article introduces three different solutions to compress PDF.

CVISION PDF Compressor

Cvision’s PDF Compressor is an industry-leading PDF program that compresses PDF files, providing numerous advantages over online PDF file compressors. PdfCompressor incorporates the latest image conversion and compression technology that makes the compression process quick, easy and efficient. Users report compression rates of up to 10x for normal black and white documents and up to 100x for PDF color scans. Cvision’s Pdfcompressor also supports compressing multiple PDF files at once, which allows you to compress up to 80 PDF files into a single normal size PDF file.

However, the current version of Pdfcompressor doesn’t support mobile platforms like Android or iOS, so if portability is important to you, you’ll have to wait a little longer.


AnyPDF is another popular online tool for converting and compressing PDF files. It offers more compression presets for users that can also be found in premium PDF compression tools. AnyPDF lets you remove elements, including fonts and annotations, from PDF files.

AnyPDF also lets you convert documents and merge PDF files, which is an excellent tool for organizing documents. However, as with most online PDF converters, the free versions have some limitations when it comes to compression. AnyPDF limits the free compression to files under 75 Mb.


CompressPDF offers the simplest interface of all PDF compression tools on this list. Once you land on their page, you will be offered a simple upload link to attach your PDF file. After you upload the file, the file is compressed in the background. Once the process is complete, you will be given a download link that will give you access to your compressed file.

Compressed PDF sacrifices many functions for the sake of simplicity. You don’t get the compression options to play around with and the compression rate is pretty slow. Still, CompressPDF is always a favorite among those looking for simplicity.

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