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The name “Android OS” is often mentioned when you hear or read from smartphones. This article tells you what Android OS exactly is, what it can do and where it is used. First and foremost, you should differentiate between the two most important smartphone operating systems at the moment: Android OS and iOS.

Classify Android OS: Overview of operating systems

In addition to Android smartphones, iOS devices are also available in stores. You will also find cell phones with less common systems such as Windows Phone OS or Blackberry OS. In case of Huawei phones the developer forum works fine.

Apple’s smartphones and tablets run on the iOS operating system. In contrast, all smartphones from Samsung, Sony or HTC run with the Android operating system, which is also known as “Android OS”. This system comes from Google, but is being changed again and again by the individual mobile phone manufacturers.

A derivative version of the “Android OS” operating system called “Android Wear” runs on the smart watches. You also know an operating system from your computer: The Windows operating systems Windows 8, Windows 7 or Mac OS or Linux run on conventional devices.

An operating system is basically a large piece of software that is required by the respective hardware in order to be able to process the system resources. Several computer programs and functions are usually integrated in an operating system, also in Android OS:

What can Android OS do?

The term “Android” comes from the Greek “androïdes” and means “human-like”. Like people, the operating system should be able to do as much as possible:

Android OS is installed on most smartphones and tablets from various companies. These include LG, HTC and Samsung.

There are now many different Android versions. The current Android update has the number 5.0 or 5.1 and is called “Lollipop”. Compared to older versions, it contains significantly more functions. Previous security loopholes have also been closed.

You control the system via the touchscreen of your smartphone and the hardware buttons, if any are still available.

Android has a home screen on which you will find icons for various applications that you can start with Android OS. If you tap the symbols, the respective program or game starts.

You expand the software of your Android smartphone with other so-called apps, which you can purchase for free from the Play Store, but also for a fee.

Another characteristic of the Android OS is the upper notification bar, which you can use to receive messages from the various apps or the system.

Android is free software. With the appropriate programming experience, you can develop Android extensions and Android applications yourself and offer them to other users in the Play Store.

Android OS what can it do?

The different Android versions and their names:

The first version of the operating system is now from 2008. The version Android 1.0 is also known under the name “Apple Pie”.

This should be explained: The Android versions are arranged according to the alphabet and are always named after a dessert (in the English language).

Android was invented by software developer Andy Rubin. But in 2005 the company Google bought the company, which was founded in 2003.

The current Android version 5 called “Lollipop” will soon have its successor, which is currently only called “Android M”. It is not yet known whether the “M” means “muffin”, milkshake “or another milk dish.

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