Natural Gas Mining

Natural gas mining, or NGM, is the process of obtaining this specific gas from the earth. First, the miners of the Natural gas have to test to see if the area has any of the gas before they start. This saves time, money, and parts of the earth’s crust by eliminating unnecessary drilling. The test needs to come out as a confirmed place of the source, then the mining process can begin. Once its mined its placed in holdings and then, after drying out, the gas is processed for sale and then consumption. It may seem like a short process but it can take a while to complete and then begin harvesting the gas that is located I’m the area.

When a potential spot is discovered the testing begins. Testing for the Natural gas is done by taking seismic surveys of the area first and foremost. Seismic surveys is the use of vibrations in the ground that then help to determine if the earth is a potential spot. If it is, an exploratory well is set up.

These pockets of gases were formed many years ago, when animal and plant remains would get covered in sand, silt, and rocks and placed under pressure. Because of this, it can be found both on and off shore since plant and animal life are everywhere worldwide. These glasses and products in the NGM are also called fossil fuels, which is a limited resource. Once we used it all its gone. Scientists have determined we have maybe about 115 years left of being able to use coal, and only 50 years each of oil and NG. This is according to study that way completed in the year 2016 by World Energy. This is a good reason to move forward to renewable energy resources.

If there is determined to be enough to profit off of the NG in the area, the wells get set up. These wells open up the pouch of gas and allows it to flow up through the well into gathering pipes where it is then stored until it can be processed for use. These wells can be inserted either horizontally or vertically. The miners of this resource try their absolute hardest to keep from ruining any parts of the ecosystem or natural water springs where they will be doing their drilling.

Natural gas mining is harvested in the same way that oil is. It gets drilled out of the earth by using drilling equipment to drill through all off the soil and the rocks, and whatever else is in the way, to get to the pocket of the gas where it was deposited. Workers and miners of this resource can be at the same well for sometimes weeks to, more commonly, months at a time. These wells are often called gas rigs and workers are usually referred to as rig hands. Rig hands usually work for 2 weeks at a time. They then have 1 to 2 weeks off as their monthly schedule.