Is Binomo good for trading? You Need To Know

Binomo is one of the most famous trading platforms for those people who are interested in investing their time in binary options trading. It is very similar to IQ Options, which is another popular means of binary options trading. Though Binomo is somewhat simplified, it has some nice and useful features which we will point out later on.

What Is Binary Options Trading?

Now if you don’t know what binary options trading is, a binary option is a form of product where the person who buys gets payment or loses his investment. The binary option is dependent on two outcomes, either YES or NO. This is where the name “binary” comes from which indicates two options. Now let’s go back to Binomo.

For Some Kind Of Updated Tools Binomo Is the First Choice Of Traders

Binomo is full of different exquisite features which makes this trading platform a first pick for all users old and new. This platform design is very functional as well as modern.  The platform is updated on a regular basis. It has almost 20 different graphical tools to help with chart analysis, hotkey usability, keyboard control, etc. And this platform offers a fast refresh rate which differentiates it from other binary options trading platforms. Binomo also gives support for daily tournaments which is difficult for other platforms to host.

Types Of Assets 

Binomo offers almost 50 different types of assets for the traders to use. This comparatively bigger range and it really works as an advantage for the users. Some of the options available currently are the following:

  1. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  2. Commodities like oil, silver and gold.
  3. Popular company stocks like Google, Disney, BMW etc.
  4.  Currency pairs like AUD/USD and GBP/USD.

Though Binomo offers only Bitcoin and Litecoin in cryptocurrency which is a bit lacking, Binomo covers this lacking by offering this broad choice of assets and options which most of the trading platforms fail to provide.

Is Binomo keep Charges From traders when Traders Do Trade in Binomo?

Binomo doesn’t charge the traders any fee when they use the service. It also doesn’t charge any fee based on commission to the traders using the service. The platform mainly makes its profit from the money which gains when a trader loses a trade. This unique method makes Binomo very attractive to the traders especially to those traders who are deeply invested into binary options trading.

Which One Is The Best Feature Of Binomo?

One of the best features of Binomo is that it has a full-fledged high-quality smartphone app. As they provide a mobile platform alongside their service’s desktop version. Binomo trading app covers both IOS and Android operating systems. By using this app, traders are kept up-to-date on transactions, tournaments and promotions using the push notification system. The app covers almost all the essential parts of the platform. Though the desktop version is necessary when the traders need to do any in-depth analysis. The app is also made to match the user’s desktop setting which gives the user a better experience upon switching among the two.

Types Of Account In Binomo

Binomo offers three types of accounts for the users based on their funding level. The account types are as followed:

  1. Standard: Minimum 10$ fund. Access to all features which also includes tournaments
  2. Gold: Minimum 500$ fund. Faster withdrawals with access to a personal manager and trading strategies
  3. VIP: Minimum 1000$ fund. Offers the maximum privilege in addition to fully personalized services

A trader can choose any type of account based on their comfort level of fund. Binomo doesn’t push the user to upgrade as the standard account offers all the essential advantages the whole platform has to offer.

Freshers can Benefited By Using Binomo

For newbie or expert traders, using Binomo will enable some extra benefits that make the platform comparatively better than other big binary options trading platforms in the market, which are:

  1. The starting fund amount is very low which is ideal for those users who are new to trading
  2. Users can use a demo account which is fully kitted out and has all the tools required for learning
  3. The platform is well designed and offers a high end functionality
  4. Trading is fast and easy, withdrawals are reliable
  5. Has a growing market in India, Brazil and Indonesia

Security is a major concern in the Binomo platform. It takes its customers’ security very seriously. This can ensure the customer safety by using a platform that is specially designed with individual encryption for each customer. Binomo offers safe and established payment methods for both withdrawal and deposit which ensures that the customer’s cash is always safe. Binomo ensures that all traders fund up to 20,000$ is fraud protected. It also uses SSL which ensures that data passing through the platform is safe and secure. However, It offers the best security systems out there which makes Binomo a better choice compared to other binary options trading platforms.


To sum up, Binomo is one of the most leading platforms in the market at the present situation. It takes its support and service to customers very seriously. This platform has chosen to encourage new traders to incest in binary options by not charging big amount of fee and being very accessible to new under-experienced traders. For both old and new traders, considering all the benefits given in the platform, Binomo serves as an excellent choice.

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