Best Metropolitan areas for Technology Jobs – 7 High-Tech Metropolitan areas

If you wish to relocate to some tech-savvy city–a town that provides great prospects for technology talent–then you will love the seven metropolitan areas the following. Each one of the 7 metropolitan areas below have above-average brainpower (smart populations), great technology infrastructure, along with a growing technology job sector.

1. San antonio, WA – 48 percent of Seattle’s population holds a bachelor’s degree or greater, making San antonio the “brain-iest” city within the U.S. San antonio is well-noted for its technology infrastructure (wireless city), and growing tech industry. Microsoft and Nintendo are generally situated in Redmond, just outdoors of San antonio. Notable technology companies located within (or nearby) San antonio include Real Systems, Tmobile, Amazon . com, Clearwire, Infopop,, and Much like San Jose and Bay Area, San antonio appears to draw in many internet startups.

2. Austin, Texas – Like San antonio, greater than 40% of Austin’s population holds a bachelor’s degree. This is among the greatest percentages in america. Austin may be the condition capital and attracts talent in the College of Texas at Texas and austin A& M College (Texas A&M is situated in neighboring College Station). The elements is warm and sunny in Austin, and Texas doesn’t have condition tax. Notable technology/engineering companies headquartered in Austin include Dell Computers, National Instruments, and Austin Semiconductors.

3. San Fran, CA – Bay Area has always attracted individuals with intellectual and technology talent. Forty-5 % of San Francisco’s residents hold bachelor’s levels, second simply to San antonio, and also the City through the Bay ranks third because of its power of graduate and professional levels. The infamous us dot-com era started in Bay Area, and even today, many internet and software information mill headquartered within the San Francisco Bay Area. Notable companies include: BitTorrent, Craigslist, Blogspot, Digg, Google, Linden Lab (Second Existence),, Typepad, Technorati, Cnet, SBC Communications, and Sega.

4. Raleigh-Durham, NC – Raleigh-Durham, also referred to as “The Triangular,” attracts some the brightest minds because of its closeness to three major universities (Duke College, NC Condition, UNC-Chapel Hill), and Research Triangular Park–a properly-known biotech, business and research center. 44% of Raleigh residents age 25 and older hold bachelor’s levels. Notable companies within the Triangular area include: ‘cisco’, IBM, Lenovo, SAS, Progress Energy, NetApp, and RBC Centura.

5. Atlanta, GA – Atlanta is quickly becoming among the fastest growing metropolitan metropolitan areas within the Southeast and it is an online hotbed for technology workers. Forty-2 % of Atlanta residents hold a bachelor’s degree or greater, and Atlanta hosts Georgia Tech and Georgia Condition. Notable companies headquartered in Atlanta include: AT&T, CNN, Cox Communications, Lucent Technologies, Data General, Hewlett-Packard, Earthlink, Lowe’s, Delta Airlines, Lockheed Martin (in Marietta), Siemens, SunTrust Bank, Equifax, and