Advantages Of Having A Fan Page Instead Of A Business Account

Under Facebook’s terms of service, each user can have a personal profile on the social network. For the social network, the company is not considered a “person” and violates the norm of profiling. For this reason, a business account can be Blocked at any time without prior notice to happen on Facebook.

Facebook pages are essential communication tools for businesses through they can update users on all your news, products, offers, and content. Knowing how to create a Facebook page is essential, as it provides access to a series of data and reports that help improve your social network marketing strategy. Check for more information

Make Ads And Expand Your Reach.

An essential question for anyone working with digital marketing on social networks is to know how the Facebook algorithm works. Sponsoring publications and making advertisements are crucial, as they help increase the delivery of your posts and make audience segmentation strategies for better approaches.

With Facebook Ads, it is possible to:

  • generate leads;
  • increase engagement with the publication;
  • invite more people to like the page.

Adopt Facebook Analytics In The Marketing Plan

Marketing is data. You cannot make an efficient strategy to achieve your goals without keeping up with the quality indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Therefore, access to Facebook Analytics makes all the difference to your performance on the social network.

With Facebook Analytics, it is possible to align the audience data with the persona, optimize what worked and rethink the actions that were not effective and improve the performance of publications and Facebook Ads.

Enable Check-Ins And The Markings For Your Company

With a Fanpage, people can check-in and mention that they are at your establishment in publications, photos, etc. This is great for companies with physical establishments, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and beauty salons.

Also, for a personal profile, only friends can make appointments. But, in the case of Fanpage, everyone can bookmark their page in comments, posts, or any other resource. Check for more information.

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