Difference between web design and Print design

How do we design a website? And what is the difference between web, graphic and print design. Is there any difference between web design and print design? Web design and print design are both concerned with visual presentation. But, they are two different disciplines. Lets explore further how they differ from each other in this blog post.

Web Design – Web designers create websites for businesses and other organizations. They craft the layout of a web page using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages. They also use graphic programs to create logos and other visual elements for websites.

Graphic Design – Graphic designers create logos, brochures, magazines, books etc. They use computer software to create designs using images and text.

Print Design – Basically, print designers are responsible for designing printed matter like leaflets, brochures etc. A print designer is responsible for choosing the correct paper stock, typography etc as per the audience profile of the company/organization/product being marketed.

Trying to understand the design difference between web design and print design can be frustrating for many people. This is because there isn’t one. There are only differences in their implementation, not in their process or design approach itself. The way you go about designing either a website or a printed page should be exactly the same, with only some very slight tweaks to accommodate the medium of expression.

On a fundamental level, when you’re trying to decide on how to design something, you always ask yourself one question: “What am I trying to solve?”. If you’re trying to solve a problem for your users, it doesn’t matter whether it’s online or offline – your design approach should be exactly the same.

Websites are no longer just static pages filled with words and images. In fact, if you’re running an online business, your website has to be much more than that.

The site’s appearance, functionality and performance all have a significant impact on the overall impression of your business, regardless of whether you’re trying to sell products or services. Any website that doesn’t function properly will send customers packing – and fast! When it comes to web design vs print design, the same principles apply.

Web design and print design are both concerned with the visual appearance of a site or publication through the use of color and images. However, the process for creating and executing a design is very different in each case.

Telling apart the two types of design can be difficult for those who are new to either field. This article will describe some of the differences between web design and print design so that you can decide which is best for your project needs.

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